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PNANJ Somerset

Where nursing excellence and community impact converge, making waves in healthcare and beyond.

Through our supportive community, we create an environment that embraces accomplishments and milestones, whether big or small. From statewide recognition of outstanding nursing practices to celebrating individual achievements within our own chapter, we take pride in uplifting and recognizing the excellence of our nurses.

2023 Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA)  Foundation
Bayani Ng Mundo Honoree

PNANJ Somerset is honored to be recognized as the "Bayani ng Mundo" (Heroes of the World) awardee on May 20, 2023. This esteemed accolade acknowledges the extraordinary efforts and significant contributions made by PNANJ Somerset in the nursing community and beyond. With a deep commitment to promoting health equity, addressing social determinants of health, and providing compassionate care to vulnerable populations, PNANJ Somerset has exemplified the true spirit of heroism. Through their tireless dedication, they have positively impacted countless lives, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps and make a meaningful difference in the world. The "Bayani ng Mundo" award is a testament to PNANJ Somerset's unwavering commitment to excellence, compassion, and their relentless pursuit of improving the well-being of individuals and communities.


2023 Institute For Nursing C.A.R.E.S Awards Nominees

On April 6, fifteen PNANJ Somerset members shine as nominees at the upcoming 2023 C.A.R.E.S. Award hosted by The Institute for Nursing. This prestigious accolade celebrates nursing excellence, recognizing outstanding nurses who have been nominated by their colleagues. Their unwavering dedication in forging our profession ahead, coupled with their commitment to providing exceptional care, pays tribute to our professional founders and serves as an inspiration to the next generation of nurses.

2022 Philippine Nurses Assocication of New Jersey Nursing Excellence and Scholarship Awards Gala

PNANJ Somerset's commitment to excellence has been recognized, and we proudly congratulate the following outstanding awardees:

  • - Dr. LEO-Felix Nicer Jurado, recipient of the 2022 Legacy Award.

  • - Arlene Yen Escanilla Azores, honored as the 2022 DNP Scholar.

  • - Aquilina Liezl Adao Tabora, recognized as the 2022 Clinical Nurse of The Year.

  • - Joann Limos Daquiz, applauded as the runner-up for the 2022 Post Acute Care of The Year.

  • - Dianne Bautista, distinguished as the 2022 Nursing Informaticist of the Year and recipient of the 2022 Empowerment Award.

Congratulations to all the exceptional 2022 PNANJ honorees! We celebrate their remarkable achievements and contributions to the nursing profession:

  • - Aquilina Lliezl Tabora - Clinical Nurse

  • - Clara Bautista - Community Service Nurse

  • - Dianne Bautista - Nurse Informaticist

  • - Divina Pangilinan - Community Service

  • - Elena Holguin - Nurse Leader

  • - Emmylou Arcosa - Innovative Nurse

  • - Eunice Abogado - Clinical Nurse

  • - Iris Binuya - Community Service

  • - Jerome Bautista - Research Nurse

  • - Joann Daquiz - Clinical Nurse

  • - Karen Nunn - Clinical Nurse, Nurse Educator

  • - Khaila Tan - Rookie Nurse

  • - Lerma Rubia - Innovative Nurse

  • - Ma. Arlene Azores - DNP Scholarship

  • - Ma. Milba Macatangay - Clinical Nurse

  • - Maria Socorro Demiao - APN

  • - Mariella De Borja - Clinical Nurse

  • - Megan Chan - Nurse Educator

  • - Melanie Delfin - Clinical Nurse

  • - Meriam Canares - Nurse Leader

  • - Ray Cabalan - Nurse Entrepreneur

  • - Rosalynne Javier - Community Service

  • - Vicki Aludino - Community Service


Your dedication and outstanding work have made a significant impact in the nursing field. Congratulations once again on this well-deserved recognition!

It is a momentous occasion as PNANJ Somerset achieved the most number of honorees in the history of both PNAA and PNANJ. We celebrate the exceptional accomplishments of these individuals and their remarkable contributions to the nursing profession. Congratulations to all the awardees for their remarkable achievements!

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