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PNANJ Somerset's Journey

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  • On August 8, 1976, a small group of dedicated nurses from the Philippines founded the Philippine Nurses Association of New Jersey (PNANJ) as a non-profit professional organization to promote the intellectual, cultural, social, economic and personal well-being of Filipino nurses. PNANJ has become one of the professional nursing associations that is well-recognized for its achievement and participation in the state and national nursing agenda. PNANJ Somerset is one of the oldest and largest Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA) Chapters. 

  • In April 2001, Philippine Nurses Association of New Jersey (PNANJ) Somerset County Subchapter was born where our founding president, Ms. Minda Bathan 

  • Thank You to our PNANJ Somerset County Subchapter Presidents

    • 2001- 2004 ~ Ms. Minda Bathan​

      • Established a strong foundation for PNANJ Somerset​

      • Recruitment: 65 Members

    • 2004 - 2006 ~ Ms. Meriam Canares

      • 1st Souvenir Journal​

      • Fundraising: Philippine Typhoon Victims

      • Community Outreach: OISCA, Somerville Metro Lions, SHIP, Foodbank

    • 2006- 2008 ~ Ms. Maria Theresa Domider

      • 1st Multicultural Exhibit at Somerset Medical Center (RWJ Somerset)​

      • PNANJ: Various events and awarded for recruitment efforts

      • Organized three educational events

    • 2008- 2010 ~ Ms. Ma. Nelda Bernales​

      • 2nd Multicultural Exhibit at Somerset Medical Center (RWJ Somerset)

      • Fundraising: Philippine Typhoon Onday Victims​

      • PNANJ: Picnic Host and Excellence Committee

    • 2010-2012 ~ Ms. Gloria Hermoso​

      • Community Outreach: SHIP, RWJ Somerset Cultural Day​

      • PNANJ: Picnic Host and Coordinated installation of Somerset Subchapter

    • 2012-2014 ~ Ms. Nellie Sun​

      • Created PNANJ Somerset FB page and website​

      • PNANJ: Picnic Host

      • Community Outreach: 1st Christmas Caroling, SHIP

      • Fundraising: Donated clothes and goods to victims of Typhoon Yolanda

    • 2014-2016 ~ Ms. Peachie Miranda​

      • 1st Meet and Greet at RWJ Somerset​

      • 1st Bus Trip to New York and Atlantic City

      • Fundraising and clothing drive to Haiyan Victims

      • 1st Zumbathon fundraising event

      • Coordinated outreach activities with other organizations

    • April to September 2016 ~ Ms. Eva Kantor​

      • 1st Supply School Drive at RWJ Somerset​

      • 2nd Meet and Greet at RWJ Somerset

    • October 2016 - 2020 ~ Ms. Ma. Arlene Azores​

      • Community Outreach: Program and Mangyan Tribe of Mindoro​

      • Covid Pandemic Mask for members

      • Established Sunshine Funds

      • Donated to the Philippine  Outreach program supporting the project outreach

    • 2020- 2022 ~ Ms. Hannie Elena Rivero​

      • 1st Virtual Fundraising Event

      • 1st Scholarship and Nursing Excellence Awards

      • 1st Virtual Christmas Caroling and Valentine Serenade

      • Fundraising: Diaper Drive, Food Bank

      • Community Outreach: Girls on the Run, SHIP​

      • 1st Membership Focused activities: Membership gifts and pizzas for members affected by the hurricane

      • Book Drive for a school library in the Philippines

Executive Board 2022-2024

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Let's support the Vision of the 2022-2024 Executive Board

220+ Members 

250+ Volunteer Hours

25 Collaborative Organizations

President: Dianne Francel C. Bautista

Vice President: Aquilina Liezl Adao Tabora

President-elect: Ma. Elena Holguin

Immediate Past President: Hannie Elena Rivero

Secretary: Maria Cristina Jusay

Assistant Secretary: Khaila Tan

Treasurer: Maria Socorro Demaio

Public Relations Officers: Clara Bautista

Board of Director: Mariella De Borja, Megan Chan, and Jerome Bautista

Executive Board Advisor: Meriam Canares

Advisory Council: Minda Bathan, Ma. Theresa Domider, Ma. Nelda Bernales, Gloria Hermoso, Nellie Sun, Peachie Miranda, Eva Kantor, Arlene Azore

2022-2024 Committee Chairpersons

We are looking for volunteers at each committee. If you are interested, email

Career Pathways: Megan Chan & Jerome Bautista
Community Outreach & Long-Term Care: Clara Bautista
Education & Clinical Practice: Elena Holguin & Hannie Rivero
Fundraising, Budget & Finance: Maria DeMaio
Marketing and Media Communications: Megan Chan
Membership: Liezl Tabora
New Nurse Peer to Peer Support: Khaila Tan
RN Committee: Vicki Aludino & Ma. Cristina Jusay
Scholarship & Nursing Excellence Awards: Mariella De Borja

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