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2022 Sweet Meet and Greet

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Do you like Halo-Halo? Of course, you do! Over 110 people came to the 2022 PNANJ Somerset County Subchapter Sweet Meet and Greet on Sunday, July 31st from 2pm to 9pm.

It was a free, fun, and family-friendly event where PNAA delegates, PNANJ delegates, PNANJ Somerset officers, members, and supporters brought food, drinks, equipment, games, and F.U.N. This successful event was led by Ms. Aquilina Liezl Adao Tabora, the Vice President of PNANJ Somerset County Subchapter. We wanted to celebrate our members with a bang! I think we nailed it. Thanks, Ms. Liezl!

The event was set to start at 2pm, however, PNANJ Somerset officers Liezl Tabora, Maria Demaio, Elena Holguin, & Dianne Bautista, along with executive board advisor Meriam Canares, and dedicated supporter, Mr. Francisco Bautista went to Duke Island Park at 8am to secure a spot and setup.

Also, if the Wizard of Oz had the yellow brick road, PNANJ Somerset had yellow balloons to make it easy for attendees to find their way to our event. Jerome Bautista along with Lean Andrew Barios inflated the balloons and strategically placed a trail of balloons from the parking lot all the way to the halo-halo canopy with balloons flying 50ft high. Our attendees commented on how easy it was to find the event. Thanks, Jerome!

You know what was the secret to the yummy Halo-Halos? The “recados” were made with love by our members and family members. We also had the pleasure of having, Dr. Leo-Felix Jurado, PNAA executive director, proud PNANJ Somerset lifetime member and Halo-Halo Master with Mrs. Nini Jurado and their family.

In addition to the never-ending halo-halo, attendees enjoyed some ice candy, lumpiang shanghai, cassava, pancit, boiled eggs, puto, snacks, drinks and more.

We also celebrated the birthdays of the “Summer Babies” – people who have birthdays on May, June, July, and August.

We also had sponsors and supporters from the US Army Corp. Captain Jerome Ferrin and Faaniniva Lesa, Dynamics Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation, and Merrily Edge attended our event. GAMES! GAMES! GAMES! Attendees also played volleyball, corn hole, Lava Walk, Munchkin relay, and design an outfit game. PNANJ Somerset young adults were having fun with the Lava Walk Game.

We have the “Ates” versus the “Kuyas.” At the end of the game, the “Ates’ won both the Lava Walk and the Munchkin Relay.

Ms. Clara Bautista and Ms. Elena Holguin were the models of the Design an Outfit for 15-minutes. This was a game created by Liezl Tabora. Thank you for the fun game!

Thank you to Jason Dugenio, Chief Information Officer/Owner of Bridgeway Senior Healthcare with his daughter, Jillian and some of his Bridgeway family for coming to our event. FYSA, his portable Chargerbox powered our ice shavers, and he has done many more.


Our event wouldn’t be complete without singing by Mommy Pines and the kids, and dancing led by our PNANJ Somerset Dancing Diva, Ms. Vickie Aludino.

Fun door prizes were also given out to the lucky winners. One winner, who was less than 7 years old stated that it was her first time winning a raffle in her lifetime. That was the comment of the day!

Kudos to the PNANJ Somerset 2022-2024, 2020-2022 Executive Boards and Advisory Council for coming together and making this event a success. On behalf of the PNANJ Somerset County Subchapter family, thank you for coming to this event!

We have more pictures and more events coming up! Feel free to follow us on Facebook or go to or email with any questions, concerns, or collaborative ideas.

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